5G is opening up unlimited posibilities in maritime communications

5G is the next generation wireless network technology that’s expected to change the way people live and work. It will be able to handle more connected devices than the existing 4G LTE network. 5G enables a new kind of network that is designed to connect virtually everyone and everything together including machines, objects, and devices.

5G is not only necessary because it supports simultaneous access of thousands of devices at extremely fast speeds but it has the ability to transform the lives of people around the world. Compared to older mobile technology, 5g offers much lower device management delays. Moreover 5G will make communication with cloud platforms (think Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure) faster and easier. 5G improves accessibility. Great progress has been made in the autonomous technology of 5G vehicles. Connected devices can allow tasks automation around the environment of house which can improve personal experience and help those who need assistance with everyday tasks. With 5G we can extend the reach of mobile broadband. 5G offers better speed and bandwidth and promises to make significant improvements in 3D holographs and virtual reality. Last but not least, 5G improves safety, health and security. Access to 5G technology improves the security of critical applications that play a key role in the security and protection of services today. Such applications include smart cities with 5G, possibility of remote surgery, better control of traffic in cities and much more.

5G is expected to be the biggest leap in mobile and wireless communications and open up unlimited possibilities in maritime communications. The advent of the 5g also brings a range of new technologies including drones for real-time monitoring. The advent of these technologies will minimize the time of land communication for traffic management and will bring just-in-time operations. In addition, the 5G marine facilitates the adoption of autonomous vessels with low-delay connections for remote operation and will accelerate the use of IoT sensors.

Our team is pioneering in the upgrade of maritime WAN infrastructure in order for the vessels to take advantage of 5G technology.

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